Stories for Halloween

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The Christmas Spirit (short story)

The Christmas Spirit

Every Christmas morning since his mother’s death, fifteen-year-old Andy Tombs, at the behest of his guardians, has made a pilgrimage to the motel where she died, seeking a traveler with whom to share his story. It has become his only Christmas tradition, and every year he hopes to find new insight from his listener. He hopes to find the feelings that he’s been told he should have over the terrors he put his parents through as a child. Every year he returns to the very place his mother died, seeking these elusive feelings that could end his imposed yearly visits once and for all; and every year some weary traveler opens the door to listen, unaware of the nightmare that awaits them once they’ve heard the chilling tale of the boy called Andy Tombs.

The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas (e-book serial)

The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas

An old woman has been murdered in her home, her throat torn apart as if by an animal. At the same time, two mysterious men have returned to Nightfire, each to escape dangerous pasts that they dare not share with anyone. Stranger still, whoever has committed the murder in question has purposely left clues to suggest the involvement of a vampire, threatening to expose the town's darkest secret.

Cry, Wolf: Shadow of the Werewolf (novel)

Cry, Wolf

Daniel Mason was an eighteen-year-old boy who epitomized faithfulness and virtue. He was loved by all of his friends and neighbors, and he was the pride of his family. Daniel practiced his Christian faith to the letter, even sometimes at the cost of a relationship. Some might have said that he was righteous to a fault, but Daniel didn't see things that way at all. As far as Daniel was concerned, there was nothing that could come between him and his faith,and, without fail, God would always take care of him. Daniel believed himself to be invincible beneath his shield of fervent Christian loyalty. Everything changed when Daniel's friend Trevor found a beaker full of blood in the church basement. A beaker full of blood that had been collecting dust for nearly fourteen decades; hiding in the shadows for all that time, along with the darkest secret that the small town of Nightfire, Texas had ever dared to keep. It was a secret that would forever cast its shadow over Daniel Mason's path. A secret that would turn all of Daniel's one-time faith into morbid doubt and perennial questioning. It was a secret that would thrust faithful Daniel towards a spiritual precipice the likes of which he'd never dreamt possible. It would strip him of his innocence, and it would leave him crying with questions to a seemingly apathetic God; hidden from him beyond the brightness of the full moon. For once this secret had taken hold of Daniel and his friends, the long dead blood of the werewolf would quicken once again in Nightfire, Texas.

Dario Jung and the GPS from Hell (short story)

Dario Jung and the GPS from Hell

There is such a thing as trusting too much in technology, and no one knows that better than Dario Jung. After inheriting a GPS from his aunt, who died in a mysterious car crash, Dario begins to suspect not only that it was the GPS who led his aunt to her untimely demise, but that the evil machine means to do him in as well, especially after the GPS tells him so. Desperate to prove his case and save the world from an evil that might otherwise continue to prey upon the directionally challenged, Dario calls upon all the powers of his own manic vernacular to tell his tale to a team of paranormal investigators. For the sake of the world, he can only hope that they will hear him out and believe his unholy account of the GPS from Hell.

The Ghost in the Olive Grove (short story)

The Ghost in the Olive Grove

Newly divorced Amy Bolton has hidden herself away at the old family mansion---drink and solitude her only comfort; loneliness her only reward. Things change when she catches sight of something mysterious in the olive grove, something that brings back memories of a ghost story her grandfather once told her. With reckless abandon and a self-destructive impulse to fuel her curiosity, Amy sets out to investigate this alluring apparition.

Hollow Jane (short story)

Hollow Jane

Jane was a seemingly normal woman who had gone through life with a terrible secret. Her secret resurfaces when she meets a new friend and decides to turn her back on the person she'd most recently seemed to be. When her husband learns of his wife's true nature, and the box of heads she's kept hidden beneath their bed, his horror and despair threaten to keep him from doing the only thing he realistically can.

Night Light (short story)

Night Light

Ooga Booga was a closet monster who reveled in the consumption of helpless little boys and girls. His only problem was a serious aversion to light. Now, with his mouth watering in anticipation of a little boy named Luke, Ooga Booga must find a way to get rid of the night light at Luke’s bedside, and there is no length to which the monster will not go to achieve his goal.

Night Light II: The Trial of Ooga Booga (novelette)

The Trial of Ooga Booga

Ooga Booga has done the unthinkable!

Even monsters have their rules, and when the fiendish Ooga Booga murdered young Luke Anderson without the boy’s consent and tried to swallow his soul, he suddenly found Time frozen around him, the boy’s soul taken from his hungry grasp, and a cluster of angels on the scene to bring him to justice once and for all.

Now, Ooga Booga must stand trial in the Celestial Court, represented by a skeletal suicide demon named Judas Styx. The only way to get Ooga Booga off the hook is for these two creatures of the underworld to find a way to outsmart the heavenly phoenix who has taken Luke’s case. The problem is the phoenix has never lost a case. Should the phoenix succeed once again, Luke’s restoration could mean the end of Ooga Booga; for the phoenix is seeking the harshest penalty under Celestial Law: banishment from all existence.

Scarecrow (novelette)


Bundles was a puppy who loved and trusted the boy who fed and cared for him. That is, until the day that Bundles died at the boy’s hands, murdered in cold blood just to satisfy a sociopathic whim. Now Bundles, along with a posse of other pets that the boy has murdered, must choose how best to repay the boy for his cruelty. Every one of the boy’s ghostly pets has discovered a particular talent since becoming separated from their mortal bodies, and their plans are solidified when it becomes clear that newly crossed over Bundles is the strongest of them all. When Bundles proves an ability to move the appendages of the scarecrow that has always struck fear into the boy’s heart, the ghostly group of pets sets to imagining a clever plot to make things right, determined to show the boy all the terror of being turned from the victimizer into victim.

Six Nights to Damnation (novella, featured in The Great Debate)

six nights to damnation.gif

"Six Nights to Damnation" is the tale of a man who is only just beginning to accept that he hasn't lived the life he'd wanted to live, when he meets a seductive stranger who introduces him to a world of once unthinkable pleasures, where nothing matters, so long as they have each other. However, there is a price to be paid for the stranger's affections, and it can only be paid in blood.

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