The Briar Patch Evangelist

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  • Originally the story was to be simply titled "The Tale of Beater Rabbit." After "The Briar Patch Evangelist" came to the author as an alternate title, it went back and forth between the two, before the decision was made, at last, to use them both. It then went back and forth as to which title should be the primary title. Ultimately, the eBook was released as "The Briar Patch Evangelist; or, The Tale of Beater Rabbit."


  • This story came to the author while driving back and forth between Dallas and Denton to take a friend to work whose transportation for the semester had fallen through.


  • After gestating in the author's imagination for several weeks, the story was written in its entirety in a single day: October 12, 2010.


  • This was the last eBook to be published directly to, when it was posted on November 18, 2010. It was also the first eBook to be published in the A5 trim size. The story was uploaded to two days later, and linked there directly from on November 22, when the paperback was also published through This was the first eBook print edition to be carried by since the first print edition of "The Ghost in the Olive Grove" in 2005.


  • The digital cover design did not translate well to print. The image was overly dark, and the purple text on the back cover was almost unreadable. When the opportunity arose to produce a second edition in 2012, the decision was made to lighten the front cover image and use white text on the back.


  • A second edition was release in both Kindle e-book and paperback formats on September 3, 2012. The paperback was made available exclusively through via


  • A free PDF Edition was posted to on September 14, 2020.

Alternate Cover Art

Four versions of the cover art were created before the final image (actually the third of four versions) was chosen to grace the cover of the eBook. Below are the three subtly different versions that didn't make the cut. Click the thumbnails below to see these versions in their actual size.

Alternate Version 1

Alternate Version 2

Alternate Version 3

Previous Edition
1st Edition - PDF E-Book

For haters to borrow and burn!
1st Edition - Paperback

Current Edition
2nd Edition - Kindle E-Book

For the haters to borrow and burn!
2nd Edition - Paperback

Free read!
2nd Edition - PDF E-Book


The "Coming Soon!" graphic was posted on the main story page, along with the cover image and synopsis, for a short time on November 18, just before the eBook was published to the site. Click the thumbnail below to see the image in its actual size.


Below are the original page buttons. The "Paperback" button is still in use today, while the other two have been updated.

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