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What follows are the questions I recieve from almost everyone and the answers I always give.

When is the second novel in the Metrognomes series coming out? Why isn't it out yet? I plan to kill you (yeah...that part's usually tacked on to the question)

We're closer than we've ever been to this happening right now! Molly and I may be getting together to start concept art/character designs as early as this summer (which it already is). After that, the current plan is to have a draft of the manuscript finished this fall and start getting the illustrations finalized during the first quarter of 2020. It took Molly six months to do the illustrations for Book I way back when, so I would expect at least that long a time for Book II. I know you've been waiting for a proper sequel now for twelve years, but I still dare to say we don't want to rush it. We want the quality of Book II to match perfectly with Book I, especially now that Molly is back on the project. That being said, when Metrognomes comes back, it's coming back big. Expect tie-in short fiction to come out as well leading up to and following the book's release. In fact, the first planned short story that ties into Aradia's Wand was released a few years ago as a book itself when it ran long, so if you'd like to meet a couple of the new characters who will be featured in Aradia's Wand, check out the spin-off/prequel novella The Demons of the Blood: A Metrognomes Adventure while you wait.
That was the long answer.
Short answer: If all goes according to plan, Metrognomes: Aradia's Wand will be out  either late 2020 or early 2021 in multiple formats. :) And I'm at least as eager as you are!

Are you ever going to write a sequel to Cry, Wolf?

Psh! Why are y'all so impatient? It's only been 20 years since the first one came out! (I joke!)
Okay, this will be the shortest answer I have ever given to this question over the decades:
There is a "Release Schedule" page on this site that currently lists things coming out from now through December 2019. Regarding the fourth quarter, not everything has been posted yet.
Hang tight for news about A Wayward Path: Shadow of the Werewolf.
Very, very soon.

Is The Great Debate the sequel to Cry, Wolf?

No. However, one of the characters in The Great Debate was mentioned in Cry, Wolf. So they are connected, ever so subtly.

When is your next book coming out, and what is it about?

Technically, the next book release is the expanded edition of 2014's The Legends of Nod, Book II: All for the Blood of Nightstorm, hitting bookstores on July 30. As for what it's about, here's the synopsis from the new book jacket.
As far as original, never-before-published books, the exact next one coming is not quite hammered down yet. It will either be The Legends of Nod, Book V: A Hero Before His Time, which hits on November 5, OR … maybe something else that my horror readers have been waiting 20 years for. Depends on what release date is ultimately assigned to A Wayward Path: Shadow of the Werewolf. But whatever order they happen to be released in, you are definitely getting them both around the fourth quarter of 2019!
MILD SPOILERS (If you haven't read Cry, Wolf: Shadow of the Werewolf or the first four books in The Legends of Nod just yet)
A Wayward Path: Shadow of the Werewolf tells the story of Daniel Mason's struggle to find himself, whoever that may be, after what happened to him in Cry, Wolf. When he finally snaps out of his murderous frenzy, he finds he has some unexpected friends who want to help him get his life together, but he has at least as many enemies who want to see his life brought to an end.
The Legends of Nod, Book V: A Hero Before His Time picks up the day after Joryn and his friends get back home from their mission to Mech Valley. No rest for the weary! The palace is attacked by enemies from another time, and Joryn and his warriors must team up with a heroic pair of time-travelers in order to save the day. For the time-travelers, known to them only as "X" and "Eagle-X," the greatest challenge will be not revealing too much about the future, including the fates of Joryn and the Wanderer.

Are you related to Glenn Clark, the author of various Christian books published in the 1930s and '40s?

Not as far as I know. Of course, I've never researched his lineage, but even if we turned out to be related, I imagine the relation would be very distant. As for the similar first name, it's just a coincidence, but it is also part of why I use my full name as my pen name.

Are there any other writers in your family?

Yes! My late great-grandfather Glenn Slade wrote the novel Through Texas on a Mule, published in 1949.

My late uncle Dick Fagan was a songwriter who recorded several records in decades past. My sister Valerie Clark and our cousin Ryan Fagan are also songwriters who perform in the Houston area.

My cousin Bonnie Jones is the author of a fantasy novel entitled The Arthurian Protectors: The Stirring of the Sword, and her mother (my aunt) Nikki Fagan is the author the illustrated children's book Foxy and Wolfy: What Kind of Friend is This? both published in 2014.
My cousin-by-marriage, James Prince, is an accomplished playwright and owner of the Core Theatre in Richardson, Texas. His plays include Variations on the Theatre of Life (2013) Behind the Cotton Curtain: Remembering Medgar Evers (2013), Fire at the Cocoanut Grove 1942 (2014), and a stage adaptation of the classic film It Happened One Night (2015).
My Clark lineage also shows direct descent from Andreas Capellanus, who would have been my 31st-great-grandfather, author of De Amore (known more commonly in English as The Art of Courtly Love), in, approximately, 1185. Of course, he was a mysterious figure, and family histories become generally somewhat dubious when they go back that far, but that's what is recorded on our family tree from way back when.

I read one of your stories and got the impression that some of the characters mentioned were maybe from other stories you wrote. Do some of your works share a universe?

Yes! I've been weaving an interconnected universe since one of the characters in "Night Light" mentioned one of the characters from "The Ghost in the Olive Grove" way back in 2000. I usually try to be subtle about it, so that new readers won't feel lost (of course, sometime I go a little crazy, and you wind up asking me some variation of the above question), but yes, a number of books and short stories are tied together in what I call the Nightfire Universe. If you want to see the chronology of these stories for future reference, there is a timeline right here on this site.

Will you write my English paper for me?


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