Victory of the Vampire

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  • During the 2003 PDF re-release of The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas, this episode was accidentally released the day before the preceding episode of the series.

Publication History

  • The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas #3 "Victory of the Vampire" was released as a Microsoft Word .doc file on the author's Web site on August 3, 2001.


  • This episode of the series was re-released in PDF e-book format on July 24, 2003.


  • A paperback edition was released exlusively through and on May 28, 2005.


  • The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas #3 "Victory of the Vampire" was released in a fourth edition as both a Kindle e-book a paperback on May 8, 2012. The paperback was made available exclusively through and

Earlier Editions

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1st Edition - Microsoft Word File

Currently unavailable
2nd Edition - PDF E-Book

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3rd Edition - Paperback

Current Edition

4th Edition - Kindle E-Book

For the book shelf!
4th Edition - Paperback

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