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Publication History

  • "Breath" was published as a free PDF e-book through on April 4, 2005. The saddlestitch paperback edition was published through on April 5.


  • The Kindle e-book and A5 paperback editions of "Breath" were published on June 4, 2012.


  • The second PDF edition was published as a free download on on April 5, 2021.

Previous Editions

Currently unavailable
1st PDF E-Book Edition

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Saddlestitch Paperback Edition

Current Editions
Kindle E-Book Edition

For the book shelf!
A5 Paperback Edition

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2nd PDF E-Book Edition


The original Web page buttons were in use from 2005 to May 25, 2012, when they were replaced by buttons to coincide with the upcoming Second Edition release.

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