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Publication History

  • The first edition of Cry, Wolf was published by Xlibris Corporation in December of 1999 in hardback, trade paperback, and e-book formats, though the e-book, typical of the time period, did not receive any orders during its lifetime and was therefor never technically printed.

  • The e-book eventually of went out of print along with Xlibris Corporation's entire e-book line.

  • A second edition of the novel, retitled Cry, Wolf: Shadow of the Werewolf was scheduled for publication in hardback, trade paperback, and e-book formats on April 1, 2014, but was pushed back to April 8, then May, with the hardback releasing on May 6, the trade paperback on May 10, and the e-book on May 18.

  • The second edition was revised and corrected by the author and included a brand new prologue set in 1851 that the author felt was a more enticing opening to the story.


  • The second edition was released in pocket paperback format on March 7, 2017.

1999 Synopsis

Daniel Mason was an eighteen-year-old boy who epitomized faithfulness and virtue. He was loved by all of his friends and neighbors, and he was the pride of his family. Daniel practiced his Christian faith to the letter, even sometimes at the cost of a relationship. Some might have said that he was righteous to a fault, but Daniel didn't see things that way at all. As far as Daniel was concerned, there was nothing that could come between him and his faith,and, without fail, God would always take care of him. Daniel believed himself to be invincible beneath his shield of fervent Christian loyalty. Everything changed when Daniel's friend Trevor found a beaker full of blood in the church basement. A beaker full of blood that had been collecting dust for nearly fourteen decades; hiding in the shadows for all that time, along with the darkest secret that the small town of Nightfire, Texas had ever dared to keep. It was a secret that would forever cast its shadow over Daniel Mason's path. A secret that would turn all of Daniel's one-time faith into morbid doubt and perennial questioning. It was a secret that would thrust faithful Daniel towards a spiritual precipice the likes of which he'd never dreamt possible. It would strip him of his innocence, and it would leave him crying with questions to a seemingly apathetic God; hidden from him beyond the brightness of the full moon. For once this secret had taken hold of Daniel and his friends, the long dead blood of the werewolf would
quicken once again in Nightfire, Texas.

In the captivating novel Cry, Wolf, Glenn Clark pens a supernatural saga of friendship, tragedy, faith, doubt and the unrelenting internal war that all people of faith must wage within themselves, in times of crisis, in order to reconcile religion with reality. It is a saga at the center of which stalks a shadowy werewolf, voracious and malevolent, who is ironically carried into existence through the purest intentions of a young man who would do no conscious wrong.

First Edition

No longer available
1st Edition - Hardback

1st Edition - Trade Paperback

Offered but never printed
1st Edition - E-Book

Current Edition

2nd Edition - Hardback

trade paperback
2nd Edition - Trade Paperback

Cry, Wolf
2nd Edition - E-Book

Pocket Paperback
2nd Edition - Pocket Paperback

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