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Into the Wyyrd Outback

Enter the Wanderer

The Mech Valley Debacle, Part II

Longshot's girlfriend has been taken to the stronghold of the sinister robot, Torakku N'obotto, a being known for his vile objectification of women and a lifestyle of gluttonous excess. In an effort to rescue his beloved Princess Pumpkitina, Longshot has recruited the aid of Prince Joryn and his fellow heroes to go into the Wyyrd Outback, seek out N'obotto's fortress, and face down the robotic despot himself. But what the band of heroes will quickly learn is that the journey to Mech Valley is an adventure unto itself.

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The Legends of Nod: The Mech valley Debacle #1 "Into the Wyyrd Outback"

First Published: October 2015

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ISBN: 978-1-61815-140-7 (pocket paperback)