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A Hero Before His Time

The Mech Valley Debacle

Joryn & Galen

Following his return home from an adventure in Mech Valley, Joryn is looking forward to a week of romance with his lover, Galen, in the Whispering plains. But their plans are disrupted, when a menace from the future reaches across time in an effort to assassinate Joryn’s brother Kail and Kail’s wife Maressah, before they can fulfill their destinies as future rulers of Nod.


Unprepared for an onslaught by advanced, seemingly indestructible Gor’borgs, who have been tasked with carrying out this deadly mission, Joryn and the heroes of his time must place their trust in a cryptic masked hero, known only as X, and his silent Deluvian war bird companion, Eagle-X, both of whose true identities and origins remain shrouded in mystery.


As they struggle to find the answer to defeating the futuristic robot assassins, Joryn and his friends confront the shadows of past failures, discover secrets hidden in the present day, and brace themselves to meet a future that may already be written.


Together, the heroes of two generations are prepared to risk everything to save not only Kail and Maressah, but the future itself.



For the obsessive fan!


The Legends of Nod, Book V: A Hero Before His Time

First Published: April 2021

All content 2015-2023 by Clark Ink, LLC


ISBN: 978-1-61815-145-2 (Hardback Edition)


ISBN: 978-1-61815-146-9 (KIndle e-Book Edition)