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Publication History

  • Metrognomes: Aradia's Wand is tentatively scheduled to be published some time in 2017. This novel will serve as a direct sequel to the novel Metrognomes: The Shaman's Apprentice.


The below blurb was featured in the "Metrognomes II" Web page from 2005 to March 1, 2016, predating the publication of Book I by two years.

Project Status:

A story treatment has already been written and a working title has been decided upon, other than "Metrognomes II." Molly Brimer, who is expected to illustrated the novel, has already done concept art for a character from Book I who appears in another form in Book II. On February 13, work began on putting together the characters and plot lines for this novel. The title and projected release date will not be announced until after the publication of Metrognomes.

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