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An Unexpected Snow

In Wine, Lies the Truth

An unexpected snow has fallen in Texas, and two unsuspecting sixth grade boys, Nigel and Randy, are making the best of their day off from school. But the snowfall itself is by far the least unexpected thing they will encounter before the day is through; for, little do they know, an impossible monster is tracking them for a meal, and an even more impossible hero is ready to spring into action in their defense. The result is an epic battle that will determine the fates of the young boys and forever alter their perspectives on the unthinkable.


Will this be the end for Nigel and Randy?


Will good ultimately triumph over the ravenous, ice cold forces of evil?


Will the boys ever agree on where to stick the carrot on their snowman?


Look no further, brave reader, for the answers lie within this very tale. So turn the page, if you dare, and expect the unexpected.

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"An Unexpected Snow"

First Published: May 2017

Cover art by Molly Fine

All content 2017 by Clark Ink, LLC


ISBN-10: 1-61815-134-7 (Kindle e-book)


ISBN-13: 978-1-61815-134-6 (Kindle e-book)


ISBN-10: 1-61815-135-5 (paperback)


ISBN-13: 978-1-61815-135-3 (paperback)