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Metrognomes: Deathmatch

Worse than a Gremlin

The Shaman's Apprentice

There is a price to be paid for power, and few know this truth so well as the gnome sorcerer Fenrir Qadash. Having sacrificed his entire gnome tribe, including his own wife and unborn child, to embrace the promises of power from a prehistoric god called Belial, Fenrir has risen to rule a global order of dark sorcerers known as the Darkgnome Legion.


Likewise, the human wizard Buer Kurzan has forged a path to power through the same infernal pact with Belial, founding an academy of dark magic and giving rise to the order of the Drakardi Sorcerers.


Both of these masters of dark magic owe all that they have become to Belial, and both have come to chafe under the old god’s hold.


When Kurzan, fearing the implications of Belial’s growing strength, refuses to turn over a magical artifact coveted by his master, the diminutive Fenrir is tasked with retrieving the item at all costs.


In the end, only one of these two titans of dark magic will hold the key that Belial seeks; but will it be the one who seeks to curb the old god’s power, or the one who seeks to give Belial everything he wants in exchange for serving his own sinister ambitions?

Kindle eBook Edition -

A5 Paperback Edition - for the bookshelf!

"Metrognomes: Deathmatch"

First Published: February 2024

All content 2023-2024 by Clark Ink, LLC

ISBN: 978-1-61815-149-0 (eBook)

ISBN: 978-1-61815-150-6 (paperback)