In the Works

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  • "All for the Blood of Nightstorm: From the Legends of Nod" - I've written several pages of the MS at this point and will be returning to the project, the second story in The Legends of Nod,  some time after finishing up work on "A Life of Its Own."


  • Cry, Wolf (Second Edition) - The second edition of my first novel will be greatly polished in comparison to the the first edition. It will also include an all new prologue. Don't worry though, Greedo still doesn't get a shot off before the werewolf kills him in that crazy bar. So far I've polished up the first two chapters, and started work on the third. At peent, this project has been put on the back burner until I finih writing the secnd novel in th series. The second edition of the first novel will be a part of he "packaging" for the new novel.



  • Metrognomes: Aradia's Wand - This is the second novel in the five-part series of Metrognomes novels. I have the story worked out, but I'm doing a lot of research before I map out the chapter-by-chapter outline.


  • The Penny Dreadful #1-24 - This is a new serial novel that I'm writing in the style of the old "penny dreadfuls" of the nineteenth century (they were called "dime novels" here in the U.S.). The first three episodes are complete. There is no outline, and I have no idea how this story ends. I like to challenge myself from time to time, so I decided to really push my own boundaries by doing a twenty-four part series and making it all up as I go along. Publication of this series has been postponed until the last issue has been written.



  • "Cry, Wolf II" - A scene popped into my head one day, and I just had to write it down, resulting in the first six pages of the manuscript. I have the story for this novel, but no chapter-by-chapter outline yet. I will get to the research for the project when I'm ready to work on it in earnest.


  • The Vampire Murders: From the Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas - This book's been written for a while, since it's a collection of the first three episodes of The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas. I may add a scene or two and polish it up a bit before it's reissued in this form. I plan to get to work on all that right after I finish episode #15 of the series.


  • Dance Macabre: A Tex McCoy Mystery - What a mess! This may or may not be the actual story I finish first in this series of occult mysteries set in the 1920s. I have five stories to draw from. If I get into my files, I'm pretty sure I have at least one extensive outline. I keep starting, feeling unsatisfied, walking away, and coming back to the project with a fresh start. I even have a whole different story to launch the series with each time I try. So, this may be the one I go with, because it's the one I've written the most of, though I was unsatisfied and want to completely revise a number of things. I may also start with a story in my head that would take place before this one, and I had originally worked out a series of three stories that take place after this one. So, who knows? However it comes out, this is a concept that I love, and I can't wait to have the time I need to really focus on it.

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