Ray's Decision

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Ray's Decision

The Many Burdens of Ray Don

The Journal of Valentinus Alexas Revisited

Raymond Don has been hiding the treasure he brought back to Nightfire ever since his return from Europe, and the struggle is beginning to take its toll. With members of two secret orders trying to wear him down, and the children of the Stevens home where he is presently staying potentially caught in the crossfire, Ray finds it necessary to make a decision about his treasure, the Nephilim, and the Prieuré de Sion once and for all. Yet once the decision has been made, the question still remains as to whether or not his enemies will truly agree to leave him in peace.


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The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas #11 "Ray's Decision" originally posted December 2007

All content ©2007-2013 by Glenn Slade Clark, Jr.


ISBN-10: 1-61815-064-2 (Kindle ebook)


ISBN-13: 978-1-61815-064-6 (Kindle e-book)


ISBN-10: 1-61815-065-0 (paperback)


ISBN-13: 978-1-61815-065-3 (paperback)