The Journal of Valentinus Alexas

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The truth is at long last revealed!

Ray's Decision

The Mines of Sangra Dios

Sam Turner is determined to learn the truth about the mystery of Valentinus Alexas. Was he the ancestor of his friend Valen, or are they the same man? Could Valen possibly be an eternally youthful vampire? And, if so, did he kill Clarenda Richardson and her brother in 1917? There is only one way that Sam sees to find out, and when he revisits the journal of Valentinus Alexas, the truth will at long last be revealed.

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The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas #12 "The Journal of Valentinus Alexas Revisited" originally posted December 2007

All content 2007-2013 by Glenn Slade Clark, Jr.


ISBN-10: 1-61815-066-9 (Kindle e-book)


ISBN-13: 978-1-61815-066-0 (Kindle e-book)


ISBN-10: 1-61815-067-7 (paperback)


ISBN-13: 978-1-61815-067-7 (paperback)