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  • "Music of the Metrognomes" was originally envisioned as a fully illustrated, full color eBook with the purpose of introducing the central characters of the upcoming Metrognomes series of novels. Molly Brimer prepared several sketches and completed two interior paintings before the decision was made to release the eBook without the illustrations and focus on the illustrations for the first novel. One of the paintings was used as the cover for the eBook.


  • The entire cast of characters for this story was created for the novel, in which they would all be five years older.


  • "Music of the Metrognomes" was to be the first story in a loose chronological trilogy of short stories that would introduce the primary characters and themes of the first novel. The second short story, "Worse Than a Gremlin" was published in 2005, while the third story, "The Darkgnome" never came to be. The third story would have seen Fenrir in battle with a human wizard just before the events of Metrognomes: The Shaman's Apprentice. While the story itself was never written, the events that it would have chronicled were refrenced in the novel.


  • The cover was not redesigned to any degree for the fourth edition e-book, maintaining the exact cover design from the third edition.

Publication History

  • "Music of the Metrognomes" was released as an eBook on July 30, 2003. It was the first e-book on to be published initially in .pdf format after all previous short and serial fiction releases had been converted to .pdf from .doc files.


  • "Music of the Metrognomes" was re-released as a second edition paperback on March 12, 2005. It was the second Clark e-book to be released in a single print edition and the first of a long line to be released by over the next two years.


  • "Music of the Metrognomes" was re-issued again, as a third edition, on November 24, 2010 in both e-book and paperback formats. It was the first of the Clark e-books to be re-released in the new A5 trim size as a part of the new line that had begun only days before with "The Briar Patch Evangelist." Though not stated in the book's front matter, some punctuation and one paragraph break were corrected for the third edition.


  • A fourth edition of "Music of the Metrognomes" was released on February 25, 2013 in both Kindle e-book and paperback formats. The paperback was made available exclusively through via


  • A third PFD e-book edition was published as a free download on on February 1, 2021.

Alternate Cover Designs

Below are three alternate versions of the "Music of the Metrognomes" book cover. The first three are from the first, second, and third editions, respectively. The fourth is an alternate version of the third edition cover that didn't make the cut. Click the thumbnails below to see a larger image.

First Edition Cover

Second Edition Cover

Third Edition Cover

Alternate Third Edition Cover

Character Designs

Molly Brimer designed the looks of several characters for "Music of the Metrognomes" to be featured in the aborted interior illustrations. The character sketches were fully painted in preparation for what had been planned as a full color illustrated eBook. Click the thumbnails below to see the full size images.





Pete Davidson


Resna Davidson


Illustration Concepts

Molly Brimer sketched five interior illustration concepts for "Music of the Metrognomes." It is likely that the first and fifth would have each been split into two seperate drawings had the project proceeded as originally planned. It had also been agreed that the third painting would specifically feature a can of Coca-Cola. Molly's original vision for what would have been is presented in the gallery below. Click the thumbnails to see larger images.

Ak'ten and Malik

Ak'ten and Malik

"Pete sweet talking Mom (Resna)"

Pete sweet talking Mom (Resna)

"Ak'ten finds wonders"

Ak'ten finds wonders

Ak'ten and Pete

Ak'ten and Pete

"Guardians pulling the boys away"

Guardians pulling the boys away

Finished Illustrations

Molly finished two paintings for "Music of the Metrognomes" before being asked to divert all of her efforts to the novel. These were based on the second and fourth concept sketches. The second finished painting was ultimately used as the cover art for the eBook when the decision was made to publish it, for the time being, without illustrations. Click the thumbnails below to see larger images of these finished illustrations.

"Pete sweet talking Mom (Resna)"

Pet sweet talking Mom (Resna)

Ak'ten and Pete

Ak'ten and Pete

First Edition

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Third Edition

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Fourth Edition
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The original Web site logo for "Music of the Metrognomes" was based on the logo on the cover of the first edition eBook in 2003. Click the thumbnail below to see a larger image.

Original Web page logo

Below is the set of buttons used on the "Music of the Metrognomes" page during the time of the Third Edition from 2010 oto 2013.

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