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"Music of the Metrognomes" Just the Beginning

July 31, 2003
"Music of the Metrognomes" is more than just another short story. It is the prelude to a forthcoming series of fantasy novels beginning with a book called Metrognomes. The short story introduces key characters and situations five years before the beginning of the first novel. While the story is worth reading on its own, it is really meant as a teaser for the series to follow. At least one more short story, "Worse Than A Gremlin," will preceed the novels.

The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas .pdf Conversion Under Way

July 24, 2003
"Homecoming," the first installment of The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas, formerly posted as a Microsoft Word document, was published to the site in its new .pdf e-book format today. The entire series of  Nightfire Word documents have been removed from the site. Each episode will be re-published as a .pdf e-book over the next few days.

The Great Debate Hardcover Now Available at

July 17, 2003
Until now, only the trade paperback edition of The Great Debate has been available through most bookstores, both on- and off-line. However, the harcover edition of the book, formerly available only by way of direct orders through the publisher, is now for sale at It still remains to be seen whether or not other on-line book stores will follow suit, but for now, this is at least a step in the right direction.

Web Log Added to Site

June 19, 2003
At the risk of seeming pretentious, I have added my web log to this site. I have a fascination for web logs, and I wanted to do one of my own. I really think that everyone should keep one, as I explained in my first entry. I think that would be so much fun. From a more practical point of view, however, this gives me a place to talk about whatever I want on my web site, without feeling a need to relate it to my work. It gives the readers a chance to really get into my head, if they like. I will still be using the Glenn C. Scrolls format, which I plan to get back to in July, to quarterly update everyone on the progress of my work.

"The Ghost in the Olive Grove" Leads Site .pdf Conversion

June 16, 2003
"The Ghost in the Olive Grove" is the first short story posted on the site to be converted from a .doc file into a .pdf file. Stories to follow include "Aries' Cage," "Night Light," and all three installments of The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas. In addition, all future stories posted on the site will be published in this more suitable e-book format. The change in format will be benificial both to the web site and to the fans. For the web site, the .pdf format precvents unauthorized edits to a degree and solves related copyright issues. For the fans, .pdf files offer easier access to people who do not have Microsoft Word on their computer. This is due to the fact that .pdf readers can be downloaded for free on the Internet, whereas Microsoft Word (necessary for reading the old .doc files) can only be acquired by paying a heafty fee. The general idea is to make it possible for anyone who visits the site to take full advantage of the free downloads has to offer. "The Ghost in the olive Grove" can be found on the Nightfire Universe Short Stories Page. A link to the free Acrobat Reader is provided below.


FAQ Page Added

June 11, 2003
There are a few questions that I find myself answeing on a regular basis, so I decided to post my answers permanently on the site to save people the trouble of e-mailing if their only question happens to be one of these. Of course, I still want you to e-mail me! My ego loves to get e-mail from fans! I just want the answers to the most common questions to be available to everyone. --- Glenn

Cry, Wolf Interview Finally Posted

June 11, 2003
Ellen Heavner conducted an interview with Glenn at his home in 2001 for the web site. However, due to a number of delays, it is only just now being published to the site for the first time. The Interview focuses on the novel Cry, Wolf, the process of writing and publishing it. Glenn also talks briefly about his then-forthcoming book The Great Debate.

2 New Pages Added to Site

March 12, 2003
Two new pages have been added to the official web site: the Promotional Appearances page and the News Archives page. The Promotional Appearances Page will be used to keep a listing of all upcoming book signings and readings that Glenn will be doing, such as the April release party. This is also the page where you can quickly get Map Quest maps and driving directions to any of the locations listed. The News Archives page is where you can go to look up all info posted in previous months, while the regular News page will be devoted to headlines from the current month.

The Great Debate Release Party Scheduled

March 12, 2003
The Great Debate Release Party has been scheduled for Sunday, April 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Paperbacks Plus in Dallas. While books books will not be on sale directly from the venue, Glenn will be signing the books that his guests bring in, and he will do a brief reading.

Short Story Sections Updated with New Look and 3 New Titles

February 28, 2003
The main short story page and the Nightfire Universe short story page have been updated with a new look. The Nightfire page also contains synopses and illustration from the three Nightfire related stories featured in The Great Debate.

New PowerPoint Trailer for The Great Debate

February 28, 2003
A 37 second trailer for The Great Debate has been added to the site on both the home page and the page dedicated specifically to the new book. The trailer is a Microsoft PowerPoint file, and is part of The Great Debate's e-mail advertising campaign.

The Great Debate Trade Paperback Now in Stores!

February 25, 2003
The trade paperback of The Great Debate went on sale through North American and U.K. book stores both on and off line yesterday. The list price for the volume is $11.95 U.S., $19.95, $9.99 (pounds) U.K.

The Great Debate Now Available for Pre-Order!

February 15, 2003
Both the trade paperback and the hardback editions of The Great Debate are now available for pre-order from the Iuniverse web site. The paperback is scheduled to be available through all online and brick-and-mortar book stores within the next two weeks. The hardback is going to remain exclusively available directly from the publisher for the forseeable future. Pre-ordered trade paperbacks will probably ship in two weeks. Pre-ordered hardbacks will probably ship in a month. However, that is just Iuniverse's approximation.

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