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Stone Smith

Stone Smith was a Mormon who married a woman named Willamina Scarsbrook, who he convinced to join the Mormon faith, against the wishes of her father Martin.

In 1969, Stone and Willamina had a daughter who they named Amy. They made sure Amy had a relationship with her grandfather, who took care of the old family house, even though he didn’t approve of their religion. They did what they could to raise Amy to think pure thoughts and keep civil company. On the topic of ghosts, which came up in the old house, they told her there were none. Stone and Willamina were furious for weeks, after Amy’s grandfather told her the tale of the ghost in the olive grove when she was twelve years old.

Sources: "The Ghost in the Olive Grove" and Glenn Slade Clark, Jr.
All content Copyright 2005 by Glenn Slade Clark, Jr.
"Stone Smith" article by Thomas Awbrey