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Joshua Bolton

Joshua Bolton was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In 1989, he married a church member named Amy Smith, just shy of a month after her twentieth birthday. They had a beautiful wedding in the temple, a fabulous reception, so that her non-Mormon friends and family could be a part of the celebration, and a two-week honeymoon in the Hawaiian islands. For a while they had a good marriage.

Unfortunately for Amy, Josh had not been one for ruts. After a while, as far as he had been concerned, Amy had become a terrible rut. During the ten years of their marriage, his eyes slowly began to wander. He grew more and more distant.

During the last three years of their marriage, Josh seldom even touched Amy to push her out of the way.

On June 29, 1998, Josh took to sleeping in the guest bedroom, which had been designed for the children Amy had continually failed to bear him.

Six months after that, he stopped sleeping at home altogether, at least three nights out of the week.

On June 22, 1999, Josh finally confessed to his wife that he was leaving her for a three-hundred-pound ex-prostitute named Glowy, and that the two of them were moving to Iceland to start a new life. Within a week, Josh and Glowy were there, beginning their new adventure together.

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