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Eight months after the series of bizarre killings dubbed the Vampire Murders, Bradley Stevens and his friends are still trying to recover, adjusting to the new realities of their lives. For young Bradley, that means clinging to the past to the point of losing sight of the future. Meanwhile, Valen Alexas’ renovation of the old Alexas mansion is nearing completion, and its secrets are poised to rise to the surface—secrets that could quite possibly mean the exposure of Valen’s true nature at a time in his life when maintaining secrecy is crucial to his continued existence.

The Ghost of Alexas Mansion

The Trouble with Doris Gardner

Secrets of the Nephilim

The Vampire's Dream

The Phantom's Fury

The Journal of Valentinus Alexas

The Many Burdens of Ray Don

Ray's Decision

The Journal of Valentinus Alexas Revisited

The Mines of Sangra Dios

Immortal Heart

Into the Light

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