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Amanda (Prince) Scarsbrook

Amanda Prince married Jonathan Scarsbrook in 1701 and moved with him to Scarsbrook Manor to live with his family, including his older brother Benjamin Scarsbrook and Benjamin’s wife Rebecca Scarsbrook. In little time at all, Amanda and Benjamin realized a strong attraction to each other and began to meet in secret, though Amanda never let him consummate their passion.

Before long, Amanda and her husband decided to leave Scarsbrook Manor and get a house of their own. Amanda met Benjamin in the olive grove one last time, knowing she had to end things with him. Benjamin kissed her fiercely, and she indulged without complaint. He ran his hands all over her body, and she returned the more than friendly action. But then she stopped him. She explained to him that their love could not be, that she loved her husband and Benjamin had a wife of his own. Benjamin protested that he didn’t love his wife, he loved Amanda. Amanda told him that she and Jonathan were leaving Scarsbroomk Manor to have a home of their own. She had chosen her husband. She asked for Benjamin’s forgiveness, and she walked away from him and all the possibilities he had represented for her.

            Soon after they parted, before Amanda and Jonathan had left the manor house, Benjamin committed suicide, hanging himself to death from a tree branch in the olive grove.

All content Copyright 2005 by Glenn Slade Clark, Jr.
"Amanda (Prince) Scarsbrook" article by Thomas Awbrey